SEFF Mini – Filmtherapy

30.09.2020, Wednesday, 11:00
Youth Sociotherapy Centre in Ryszewko, Ryszewko 44, 74-200 Pyrzyce (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: SEFF Mini - October

Can one gesture help in accepting oneself? How important is it for us what others think of us? How to discover our inner strength? This year’s film therapy block is a film discussion about the differences that seemingly divide us and about the beautiful inner life of each one of us. The presented film will be a base for the workshop and conversation on the period of growing up and accepting oneself. After the screening the viewers will participate in workshops on friendship and values. We hope that the reflection born from watching the film and from workshops will be a starting point for an active exchange of opinions, thoughts and individual experiences. The event will be supervised by Agnieszka Walancik, psychotherapist and animator of culture, who will arrange the whole meeting, creating the space for a conversation and activity. Workshops for the students of MOS in Ryszewko.

Cudowny chłopak D: Stephen Chbosky, 2017, 113’, HKG/USA

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